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Explore Grenada Waterfalls

Experiencing the magic of Grenada waterfalls is a must when visiting the island. Immerse yourself in nature’s wonders and explore Grenada’s captivating waterfalls. From cascading streams to lush rainforest trails, prepare for a magical experience.

Chase Adelphi Falls

Venture into the rainforest to discover on for Grenada's most beautiful waterfalls hidden in lush greenery and tranquility

Explore Seven Sisters Falls

Trek through lush rainforest trails to witness the breathtaking beauty of Seven Sisters Falls, a cascading series of waterfalls nestled in Grenada's interior

Discover Concord Falls

Experience the power and majesty of Grenada's Concord Waterfalls, where crystal-clear waters cascade into natural pools, inviting you for a refreshing swim

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Experience the Wonder of Grenada Waterfalls

Embark on an adventure of discovery as you explore Grenada’s waterfalls. From hidden gems to iconic cascades, our waterfall tours promise unforgettable experiences amidst nature’s splendor.

Grenada Waterfalls - Adelphi Falls Grenada

Adelphi Falls

Explore the secluded beauty of Adelphi waterfalls in Grenada, hidden amidst lush rainforest, offering serenity and natural splendor

Grenada Waterfalls - Seven Sisters Falls

Seven Sisters Falls

Delight in the mesmerizing beauty of Seven Sisters Falls, a series of cascading waterfalls surrounded by verdant foliage and tranquility

Grenada Waterfalls - Concord Falls Grenada

Concord Falls

Discover majestic Concord Falls, where pristine waters flow amidst towering cliffs and lush greenery, offering a serene oasis in nature’s embrace

Grenada Waterfalls - Au Coin Falls Grenada

Au Coin Falls

 Journey into Grenada’s wilderness to uncover Au Coin Falls, a tranquil waterfall nestled amidst tropical vegetation and natural serenity

Grenada Waterfalls - Mt. Carmel Falls

Mt. Carmel Falls

Trek through scenic trails to reach Mt. Carmel Falls, a hidden gem surrounded by verdant forests and offering panoramic views of Grenada’s landscape

Grenada Waterfalls - Golden Falls Grenada

Golden Falls

Experience the allure of Grenada’s Golden Waterfalls, where shimmering waters cascade down rocky slopes, creating a spectacle of natural beauty and tranquility

Grenada Waterfalls - Annandale

Annandale Falls

Wander through lush vegetation to reach Annandale Falls, a picturesque waterfall in Grenada surrounded by tropical flora and offering a refreshing escape from the heat

Grenada Waterfalls - Rainbow Falls Grenada

Rainbow Falls

Marvel at the vibrant colors of Rainbow Waterfalls in Grenada, where sunlight dances on cascading waters, creating a mesmerizing display of nature’s wonders

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Create Your Grenada Waterfalls Tours

Looking for a Grenada adventure? Look no further than I’m Local! With us, you can craft the perfect island excursion, tailored to your every whim. Live life to the fullest and immerse yourself in the richness of all that Grenada has to offer. Book with us today and let’s make your island dreams come true!

Customize Your Island Tour

Experience the Best of Grenada: Embark on a private island tour and discover the hidden gems of Grenada. Our customizable tours allow you to choose your pickup time, number of passengers, and points of interest.

Add-On Drinks, Snacks & More

Enhancing Your Island Tour with Add-Ons: Make your island tour experience your own by adding your favorite drinks, snacks, or even a car seat to your ride. Our easy-to-use add-ons feature lets you customize your private tour to your heart's desire.

Get Your Private Tour Guide

Assigning Your Private Tour Guide: Once you have personalized your tour and selected any additional features, a certified tour guide will be appointed to your private tour to confirm your booking. Our team will also contact you to verify your account details.

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